Conquer Your Insecurities With The New Moon In Gemini

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This week, a restorative New Moon in Gemini rises May 30th and urges you to engage in self-healing and self-nurturing. It is also critical that you take advantage of this energy to reflect on your own personal story and sense of purpose during this time.

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Don’t Let The Past Impact Your Future

We all have stories we tell ourselves about our lives, our past, our present, and our future, as well as our current struggles. These stories often serve as a center point in our character and identity, even if many are built on our greatest fears and insecurities.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Goff / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Bryan Goff / Unsplash

You may believe that you’re unworthy or ‘not good enough.’ You may still harbor anger and disappointment around past experiences that still impact you to do this day. Despite the fact that these are a part of your personal narrative, they are not who you are: they do not define you.