7 Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Relationships By Trying To Control Your Partner

Relationships require a lot of communication and sometimes we would rather do things our own way instead of working with our partner on figuring out how to make things work.

Of course, there is a pretty distinct difference between wanting things a certain way and being an absolute control freak.

If you've noticed that your partner comes off as more controlling than concerned with your opinion/ideas then it could mean that they are ruining your relationship with them.

People who are controlling as well as in a relationship have a hard time not micromanaging every single little thing that is going on in your world.

Sure, it might've seemed cute at first but now it's starting to get annoying and it's time for a change. Look for these seven warning signs that could indicate you're with a control freak.

1. You Are Always The Decision Maker

If you've noticed that the person you are with is the only one who takes the initiative or prefers to be the decision maker all of the time, then this is a warning sign that you are with a control freak.

They know exactly what they want, how they want it, and they don't really care for anyone else's opinion on the matter. You may notice that they are the ones who make certain rules that you have to follow in order to be with them.

2. You Take Compromises As Insults

If you've noticed that the person you are with cannot in anyway shape or form come to some kind of compromise for you in order to make the relationship bearable then this could be a warning sign that you are with a control freak.

Compromises mean that they aren't able to control that certain aspect of your person so it makes them feel as if you are not happy with them as a person.

If there is truly no way of being able to communicate as to what a compromise would do for your relationship and they are remaining completely obtuse to the situation, then you should consider leaving them entirely.

3. You Can't Stand Being Away From Your Partner

A control freak must be with their partner at all costs so that they can make sure you are doing exactly what they want as well as knowing your exact location.

This is a pretty big warning sign that you are dating a control freak. They will want to know everything you're doing 24/7 just so they can micromanage your life for you.

If the person you are with cannot fathom taking a moment away from you, giving you your personal space, or unwilling to let you out of their sights for any reason, you may have to consider leaving them.

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