Count The Bracelet Lines On Your Wrist: This Is What The Number Means

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Look at your hand. Do you see all the lines and carvings? Palmistry is the ancient art of hand reading that is designed to explain the meaning of all those lines. It can be traced thousands of years back, originating in India. Palmistry can reveal information such as your life span, purpose, and destiny.

On the palm itself, you’ll find your lifeline that predicts health and physical vitality. You’ll also find the heart line—which holds information on love and emotion meant for you; the money line—for information on career and fortune; the headline—which speaks to intelligence and mentality; as well as the marriage line. But did you know that your wrist has bracelet lines that also hold specific valuable information?

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The Rascette Lines

Some still considered a hand reading pseudoscience which makes many people dismiss it quickly. But just like any other spiritual practice, it requires some amount of faith and open-mindedness. According to palmistry, each line and pattern on our hands and wrists means something different. The bracelet lines are called “rascette lines”.

rascette lines in blue pen drawn on wrist
Tony Johnson / Pinterest Via
Tony Johnson / Pinterest Via

The number of bracelets is said to represent how long you will live. The more bracelets you have, the more likely you will need to save for retirement. If you have four, it means that you could possibly live to be 100!

Get your wrist out and look at it. Keep in mind that most people have at least 2-3 lines, while a select minority have 4. Find below what your count means.

If You Have One Line:

The more lines a person has, the longer they are expected to live. This line runs horizontally along the underside of the wrist at the junction which separates the forearm from the hand. However, the first line is the most important than the rest. If the line is clear and unbroken, it means that you will have good health. This applies to everyone.

one line on wrist in blue marker
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet

Unfortunately, just one line isn’t a good sign for your longevity. It indicates a short life of about 23 to 28 years. On the bright side, if it’s clearly marked and unbroken, that life will still be healthy, and the body will be in great shape…until it’s not.

Men Vs. Women

The first line has a different meaning for men and women. For women, if their first line curves upward into the base of the palm or if it’s made up of broken links, it holds bad news. This is telling of gynecological problems such as difficulty having a baby or in giving birth process. It’s also believed to affect the flow of menstruation.

close up of green eyes of two faces
Soroush Karimi / Unsplash
Soroush Karimi / Unsplash

Similarly, if a man’s first line curves upward toward the base of the palm, or if it’s made up of broken lines, bad health news is also ahead. For men, however, the problems will be with the prostate, urinary or reproductive systems of the body, according to Palmistry believes.

Keep in mind that this is not medically proven.

If You Have Two Lines:

If your second line is straight without any interruption or gap, you’re predicted to live 46 to 56 years. This is still lower than the average world lifespan, which is 70.6 years for men and 75.1 years for women.

two lines on wrist in blue marker
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet

Despite being shorter, this lifespan still allows for a happy life full of opportunities. By 56, many people have already traveled, started families, advanced in their careers, bought a home, and experienced much of what life has to offer. Having fewer years might be encouraging to make the most of the ones you have.

For all, if the second line is bold, it indicates big wealth coming your way.

If You Have Three Lines

This is the most common number of bracelet lines and is representative of the world’s average lifespan. If you have a third line, you’re predicted to live a happy and full 69 to 84 years of life.

three lines on wrist in blue marker
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet

If that line is also strong and straight, more fortune is coming your way and you’re predicted to leave a mark on the world as an influential being. What you do in your time in this world will be remembered. You might even become famous.

If You Have Four Lines

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a fourth line, as most people don’t. But if you do, you’re bound to live a very long and healthy life.

four lines on wrist in blue marker
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet
Little Things Via Pixelated Planet

This is the jackpot when it comes to life spans and means you’ll live longer than 84 years. If the line is also strong and distinctive, you will have a strong personality and clear destiny that you’re meant to use the extra time to fulfill. If you reach it, your name has to the potential to live on forever.

Tap Into Your Subconscious

For more information on how to read palms, watch the video above for a full demonstration. Palmistry dates back hundreds of centuries since it was developed from Hindu astrology in ancient India. It then spread all over East Asia and into West Europe. Today it remains a sacred practice meant to enlighten you about your purpose and potential.

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