Couple Adopted 7 Siblings Who Lost Parents In A Car Crash, See How Their Lives Changed

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Pam and Gary Willis’ names are showing up in headlines recently and it’s nothing short of deserved. Their story is inspiring and heartwarming ,and shows how much of a difference we each have the power to make if we set our minds to it.

Adopting one child can be quite a challenging process. Now imagine seven of them. There was nothing that could stop Pam and Garry from adopting all seven siblings as a unit especially after hearing their tragic story. Here’s how it went.

The Couple Had Five Children Of Their Own

Pam and newborn baby in hospital

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

Pam and Hary got married when they were only teenagers but their love has lasted 32 years so far. Together they have five biological children. The couple started fostering children when the kids were teens themselves. After doing it for seven years, they felt their nest emptying as the kids were off to live their own lives.

When their own kids stopped needing them, this is is what happened: “We decided we had space and love to offer to the broken-hearted babies out there in the foster system.”