Couple Adopted 7 Siblings Who Lost Parents In A Car Crash, See How Their Lives Changed

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Pam and Gary Willis’ names are showing up in headlines recently and it’s nothing short of deserved. Their story is inspiring and heartwarming ,and shows how much of a difference we each have the power to make if we set our minds to it.

Adopting one child can be quite a challenging process. Now imagine seven of them. There was nothing that could stop Pam and Garry from adopting all seven siblings as a unit especially after hearing their tragic story. Here’s how it went.

The Couple Had Five Children Of Their Own

Pam and newborn baby in hospital

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

Pam and Hary got married when they were only teenagers but their love has lasted 32 years so far. Together they have five biological children. The couple started fostering children when the kids were teens themselves. After doing it for seven years, they felt their nest emptying as the kids were off to live their own lives.

When their own kids stopped needing them, this is is what happened: “We decided we had space and love to offer to the broken-hearted babies out there in the foster system.”

It Didn’t Feel Like Work

Pam and her husband smiling in pink

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

The couple didn’t expect to feel as rewarded as they did by their work. However, as each kid lived with them for about a year, they couldn’t help but get attached, which made the goodbyes difficult.

They still did it over and over again because the difference that they were making was worth it. “It was amazing to see the progress that scared, neglected little ones could make in only a year’s time in our home. We always worked together, my husband, myself, and my two teenagers. We loved fiercely, protected with all we had, and fought hard to get the best for them in their cases.” says Pam.

One Day, She Saw A Facebook Post…

kids posing for group picture

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

Eventually, all the fostered children had left their home. Then one day in January of 2019, Pam was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when she came across a photo of these seven siblings. It said: “‘Seven Siblings in Need of Forever Home.” Her heart sank as she saw their faces full of hope and still so young and innocent.

She tagged her husband in the post “‘Can we adopt them?” assuming he would think she was insane. Yet, she couldn’t stop thinking about them all day.

The Husband’s Response Surprised Her

kids laying in bed on top of each other

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

When Gary came home that night, Pam asked him if he had seen the post. Much to her surprise, he answered: “Yes,’ he said. “We should adopt them.” Pam felt her heart stop and then she echoed “we should.”

Just like that, Pam and Gary made the decision because they thought if not them then who? These kids had lost their parents in a car crash and it was a miracle they had survived after being ejected from their seats. They already had been in foster care for a year, recovering from concussions, injuries, and long hospitalizations. It was clear to Pam and Gary that these kids had a special purpose for being alive and the couple made it their purpose to give them the love and patience that they would need to reach it.

The Kids Couldn’t Be Seperated

It was clear that the kids had been “numb” for that whole year in foster care They were barely going through the motions of day-to-life, but they had a lot of healing still to do. The only thing that kept them going was that they got to stay together and for that reason, it would be cruel to separate them.

The kids were aged 14, 11, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 from oldest to youngest. They had been broken inside even before the accident. They suffered trauma, neglect, malnutrition, fetal alcohol, and drug exposure, abuse…It was time that they finally experienced love, safety, and family.

They Made it Official

family photo on adoption day of the whole family

second.chance.7 / Instagram

second.chance.7 / Instagram

The children were welcomed into the couple’s home in June of 2019. Exactly one year later, on August 2020, their adoption became final. Not even being amidst a global pandemic could stop. They were determined to be a family. They had found their purpose. “We are their forever home and this is our second chance with SEVEN,” said Pam to over 115k of her Instagram followers.

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