Couple Go From 0 To 5 kids In 9 months After Thinking They Couldn’t Have A Baby, But The Surprises Kept Coming

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For some women, motherhood is a dream that their bodies won’t let them achieve. Many women find out the hard way, as they crave holding their own baby the most that they could never produce one.

This couple wished for nothing more than to grow their family. They prayed for their own child but were told that they couldn’t conceive naturally. Sarah and Andy Justice decided to adopt a child. But it went in a direction they could have never expected.

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Natural Pregnancy Wasn’t Possible

Sarah and Andy Justice were happy and in love, and while they felt grateful for each other, they wished to add a child to their family. For years they tried to conceive but couldn’t. Finally, the couple decided to go see a specialist.

Andy and wife take couple pic
Andy-Sarah Justice / Facebook
Andy-Sarah Justice / Facebook

Although they knew that it wouldn’t be an easy journey, Sarah and Andy didn’t hear the news they were hoping for. The doctors told them that IVF would cost them between $30,000–60,000, and they’d still have just a 10 percent chance of getting pregnant. The couple would have to find another option…