Couple Has 3 Sets Of Twins in Less Than 5 Years, But The Coincidences Don’t Stop There

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For many young couples, having children is an unattainable dream. Despite how much they want it, they simply can’t conceive. Carrie Kosinski remembers dreaming of having a child since she was one herself. However, when she met her partner Craig, she learned the devasting news from her doctors that she couldn’t have children naturally.

She had no idea that the universe was about to surprise her with not only one child but six, and that in the span of five years, fate would intervene and surpass all her expectations. The coincidences in this story are beyond just that but point to the possibility of fate. Here is her story.

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It All Started With A Request

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Carrie Shortsle Kosinski / Facebook

Carrie Shortsle Kosinski / Facebook

When Carrie and Craig were first married, a woman who knew them reached out on Facebook to see if they would be willing to take care of her baby and maybe even adopt if they felt so inclined. They couldn’t bare the thought of a child coming into the world without being to have their needs met so they agreed. What they didn’t know when they said yes was that the woman was expecting twins.

Just like that Adalynn and Kenna were born, and Carrie and Craig brought the twins home on a trial period to see how everything would go. They fell in love with the girls who quickly became a part of the family. The babies were three months old when they were brought home.