Couple Says They Caught an Actual Ghost on Camera Scratching Their Daughter On The Nanny Cam

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Whether you believe in supernatural forces or not, it’s hard to deny on visual evidence. A couple from Michigan says that they managed to catch one on camera, although it was not their intention

The footage was caught through the nanny cam in what the couple believes was an attack by a not so friendly ghost. No matter how much we believe in ghosts, this story is quite freaky, and so is the footage.

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A Happy Little Family

family picture of parents with baby



This happy little family of three was living in a small house in Michigan, raising their toddler. What they didn’t expect was that they had moved into a potentially haunted house and would be living their own real-life horror movie.

They’ve somehow managed to upset whatever spirit is living inside of it so much that it has gotten to the point where it wants to hurt their little girl. For all those dismissing this story, there’s video proof and even physical evidence on the little girl’s body.