Couple Shows The Reality Of The Everyday Struggle Of Chronic Illness

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Not all health problems are visible. The mind can be clouded and take just as much of a toll on the physical body. No matter how pure and aligned our souls are, we all have bad days and we do our best to deal with them. Yet, we sometimes forget that it’s pain that makes us human and we punish ourselves with guilt when we simply need a break.

This couple appointed themselves as advocates sharing inspiring messages and educating others to be a little more mindful of themselves. By helping one another find sympathy for ourselves then we will be able to extend it to others as well.

An Important Reminder

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

The couple is made of Justin Cypres and Sarah Gausepohl. They both have dealt themselves with their fair share of chronic illnesses and daily struggles.

In fact, Justin describes dealing with a mix of Fibro, CFS, UC, Migraines, Anxiety, and Depression. While Sarah has struggled with Chronic Lyme, Celiac, PCOS, as well as Anxiety and Depression too. They may have each other for support but they want to use their platform to let everyone else know too: “you are not alone.”