Couple Shows The Reality Of The Everyday Struggle Of Chronic Illness

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Not all health problems are visible. The mind can be clouded and take just as much of a toll on the physical body. No matter how pure and aligned our souls are, we all have bad days and we do our best to deal with them. Yet, we sometimes forget that it’s pain that makes us human and we punish ourselves with guilt when we simply need a break.

This couple appointed themselves as advocates sharing inspiring messages and educating others to be a little more mindful of themselves. By helping one another find sympathy for ourselves then we will be able to extend it to others as well.

An Important Reminder

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

The couple is made of Justin Cypres and Sarah Gausepohl. They both have dealt themselves with their fair share of chronic illnesses and daily struggles.

In fact, Justin describes dealing with a mix of Fibro, CFS, UC, Migraines, Anxiety, and Depression. While Sarah has struggled with Chronic Lyme, Celiac, PCOS, as well as Anxiety and Depression too. They may have each other for support but they want to use their platform to let everyone else know too: “you are not alone.”

A Series Of Inspiring Confessions

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

The couple is known for posing with a blackboard in their hands with white text stating some powerful messages. The words aren’t meant to simply provide comfort and solidarity for those who struggle on daily basis.

Ultimately, the couple hopes that even those who are blessed with full health and completely able body are able to understand how difficult daily life is for those with chronic illnesses. The hope is that this fosters a sense of compassion and understanding among all.

Even The Good Days Are Hard

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

Sarah wrote to her 115k followers an honest message explaining: “A lot of the time I’m super hesitant to let anyone know that I am having a better day.

Most people forget that my illness is chronic. They see me laughing, smiling and genuinely enjoying my day and make the assumption that I’m permanently better. But what they are seeing is just one good day. They don’t see the really terrible days and thus I get nervous that they think I can go out, party, and spend my energy like they do on a daily.”

They’re Not Asking For Pity

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

All this couples hope to manifest is relief. Yet relief is not just for the physical body, but a release for the mind as well. the choices that someone with chronic illness makes might be different and sometimes hard to understand, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

We each have the freedom to chose our path for as long as we all thriving for the same ultimate destination ” We didn’t choose this life and all we want is to feel better, ” Justin explains.

You Never Know What Someone Is Dealing With

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

@how.u.feeling / Instagram

These kinds of stories are a reminder that we never know what someone is going through. They may smile and put on a brave face or they might snap in a moment of weakness. While we can’t simply heal each other, we can facilitate each other’s journey with a bit of kindness.

“You will never know what people are dealing with behind closed doors so please remember to always be kind.”

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