Creepy Pictures That Open Up A Revealing Portal To The Past

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We have come a long way with our technologies, treatments, fashion, and even our mentality. It’s sometimes hard to look back and face the reality of how we justified unimaginable ways of thinking and trends. We’ve harmed our minds, bodies, and each other thinking that we were innovative and doing good. Luckily, we documented it all along the way.

Today we are left with the creepy evidence pictures of what once was, and it serves as a portal into the past tat hopefully will prevent us from ever repeating the same mistakes.

A Letter Of Desperation

repeated scribbles on letter

froggysaysno / Reddit

froggysaysno / Reddit

The medical field has thankfully made strides, especially when it comes to the treatment of mental health. But, sadly, there was a time when women especially were dismissed with hysteria and left untreated, causing them to spiral even more.

This letter from Schizophrenic patient Emmy Hauck to her husband shows her fear and desperation. It consists of an only phrase that states “Herzensschatzi Komm” meaning Darling Please Come followed by “Komm Komm Komm” (Come, Come, Come ) repeated over and over again.