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Creepy Pictures That Open Up A Revealing Portal To The Past

We have come a long way with our technologies, treatments, fashion, and even our mentality. It's sometimes hard to look back and face the reality of how we justified unimaginable ways of thinking and trends. We've harmed our minds, bodies, and each other thinking that we were innovative and doing good. Luckily, we documented it all along the way.

Today we are left with the creepy evidence pictures of what once was, and it serves as a portal into the past tat hopefully will prevent us from ever repeating the same mistakes.

A Letter Of Desperation

repeated scribbles on letter

froggysaysno / Reddit

The medical field has thankfully made strides, especially when it comes to the treatment of mental health. But, sadly, there was a time when women especially were dismissed with hysteria and left untreated, causing them to spiral even more.

This letter from Schizophrenic patient Emmy Hauck to her husband shows her fear and desperation. It consists of an only phrase that states “Herzensschatzi Komm” meaning Darling Please Come followed by “Komm Komm Komm” (Come, Come, Come ) repeated over and over again.

High Above And Down Below

old school diving suit

thedodoqueen / Reddit

As part of the human need to understand what we don't know, in order to fear it less, we have become obsessed with flying high above the clouds to disover the entire galaxy and diving deep under water to discover what's underneath. In the beginning, these ventures seemed impossible. Many tried and failed, often at the cost of their lives to defy the laws of gravity in the name of science.

This is the oldest surviving diving suit dating to the 18th Century. The fact that it now exists at the surface is a good sign of it being at the beginning of safer underwater adventures.

Beauty Comes At A Cost

woman from 1920s wearing bonnet and gown

JankCranky / Reddit

No you're not looking at a floating ghost. Long before the era of tanning salons where women purposely exposed themselves to sun rays to get as dark as possible, even at the risk of Cancer, they once thrived to look as pale as possible. In fact, women in the 1920s, such as the one pictured feared the effects that the sun would cause on their skin. They became convinced that wearing full-faced masks whenever outside, would protect them.

The woman in the picture lived in the Wild West wearing both a mixture of the fashion of the time and the mask designed to protect her skin from sun damage to finish the look.

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Water Washes Everything Away

spiceprincesszen / Reddit

This is a picture of two women washing a Crucifix in 1938. At the time religion was as powerful and respected as the Law. People needed religion as it gave them hope during one of the worst eras in history.

1938 marked the year that Hitler marched into Austria; and Germany allied with Austria, causing Britain, France, and Italy to agree to fight back into what was becoming the Second World War. Nazis were destroying Jewish shops, homes, synagogues and sending over 20,000-30,000 of them to concentration camps.

Where Child Dreams Were Made

onepersononeidea / Reddit

This is an old doll factory. Children at the time never dreamed that it would possible to have as many toys that the children of today take for granted and leave behind for their Ipads. Little girls had nothing but their doll so they were able to overlook its creepy exterior that would long outlive them.

Factories weren't automated like they are now so these toys had to be handcrafted, making their distribution a lot slower and their prices a lot higher. A doll like this was a luxury.

It Wasn't Always A Happy Meal

The Original Ronald Mcdonald, 1963

Forrest724 / Reddit

Can you believe that this was the original face of McDonald's happy meal? To the average person today the Original Ronald Mcdonald who came out in 1963 is more of a figure that haunts nightmares and makes you run away from the now most popular fast-food chain restaurant.

Not only has the menu since changed, but its mascot has thankfully earned a much friendlier, fictional face. Fun fact, at the time, the "All-American" meal was a burger, fries, and a shake for 45 cents (plus tax).

Photo Of Two Women With Super Long Hair

two women with long hair

digital_dysthymiaReport / Reddit

While today beauty salons occupy every street corner allowing women to color and cut their hair twice a day if they really wanted to, hairstyles were a lot different back in the day. In fact, fashion, in general, looks nothing like it once did. However, the most significant change happened in the 1920s because of the social and political changes that made that decade stand out in history.

When the First World War required all the young men to leave their jobs, women had to take over and keep the world running. This not only affected their social standing but the way they carried and presented themselves too.

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The World's Oldest Person Just Turned 119, But What's Fascinating Is How She Spends Her Days

The oldest person in the world just recently celebrated her 119th birthday in a nursing home in southwestern Japan. Now if you're picturing an immobile old lady who does nothing bt spend her days in bed, think again. This woman may be at the end of her days, but she is still full of life.

The way that she spends her every day should be an inspiration to all of us that we're never too old to put in the effort everyday to live it to the fullest. After all, what's the point in living if we don't actually feel alive? Here's how she does it.

She Has Watched The Whole World Change

Black and white photo of Tanaka in her youth

@Elizabeth_Ruler / Twitter

When you've lived almost a century and a quarter long, you're bound to probably feel like you're in your own science fiction movie by the end. The world has drastically changed over the years. When Kane Tanaka was born, in 1903 in Japan, life was much simpler. This was the same year that the Wright brothers powered their first flight. Kane grew up around her nine siblings before she married a rice shop owner when she turned 19 years old.

Since then she has lived through wonders including two world wars, two pandemics, the rise of technologies, and more life changes than we could possibly imagine.

Today, Her Routine Is Quite Unique

Recent Photo of Tanaka

@Elizabeth_Ruler / Twitter

​Just because she has lived a long and meaningful life, doesn't mean that she's done living each day to the fullest. What's really fascinating about Kane's long life is the way that she chooses to live every day.

It turns out that even at her nursing home, Kane wakes up every morning bright and early at 6 a.m. and spends part of her day studying mathematics. She keeps her mind sharp and alert by spending the day solving number puzzles and playing board games. She has gotten so good at this that in 2019, she became an expert in the game of Othello, a strategy board game, even beating the nursing home's younger staff.

She Has Broken New Records

"Happy Birthday" candles on cake

Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Kane is now part of the Guinness World Records and has been since turned 117 and became Japan's oldest living person. On her birthday, Guinness even tweeted her a happy birthday and shared a video of her from 2019, when she was officially given the title.

Unfortunately, while Kane has adapted to much of the modern world, she hasn't made it as far as setting her own Twitter account to reply. Nonetheless, everyone who saw the tweet was inspired by her will to live as well as the way she chooses to live.

She's Got The Right Attitude

close up on puzzle

Sigmund / Unsplash

Tanaka sounds like a delightful woman who emits all kinds of positive vibes. Her personality exceeds her intelligence and love for math because just like the average person, Tanaka also shares a strong love for fizzy drinks and chocolate. In fact, when she was gifted a box of chocolates during her Guinness ceremony, someone asked her how many chocolates she wanted to eat, she replied, "100." And why shouldn't she? When you've lived that long there is no reason not to indulge and maximize life's little pleasures.

Tanaka carried the same attitude when she was crowned Japan's oldest person at 117 and celebrated with a coke. Tanaka's positivity is radiant and comes across in all her gestures. When she was sent flowers on Respect for the Aged Day, she expressed her gratitude by making a peace sign.

Maybe Chocolate Is The Key

fancy chocolate displayed with chocolate sauce on a silver plate

Universal Eye / Unspash

Tanaka has another three years to go until she breaks the all-time record for the oldest person that has lived, which right now is held by Jeanne Louise Calment from France, who lived to 122 years. Currently, she holds the record for the world's oldest currently living person since Jeanne has since passed.

What's interesting about these two women is their love for their chocolate. They say that Jeanne ate two pounds of chocolate a week! Could chocolate be the new fountain of youth? The answer is probably in how these two women carried themselves in their youth and the way they're able to see the good in the everyday. However, Japan is known to hold one of the longevity rates in the world which have increased significantly in the last 60 years.

How Much Longer Do You Have left?

hand holds levitating leaf in its palm

Ravi Roshan / Unsplash

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