Creepy Things That Kids Have Said That Could Make Believers Out Of Anyone

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Whether you believe in the supernatural, in past lives, or reincarnation, what these kids had to say is going to send shivers down your spine. Kids tend to not only have zero filters when they speak, but they have genuine and pure minds.

Which means that they have no reason to lie or make up these stories. It’s especially creepy when the kids describe facts that they couldn’t have possibly known on their own, or without ever having seen pictures. See for yourself!

Imaginary Friends From The Dead

imaginary friend named Jon was mom's brother tweet

@Jrw3780 / Twitter

@Jrw3780 / Twitter

​We tend to brush off kids’ imaginary friends as a common way for them to fill their time. Kids should be encouraged to explore their imagination and increase their capacity to be creative. However, for some kids, the imaginary friends aren’t so imaginary.

They know details about them from where they lived to the way they look that match exactly lost loved ones or even people who were known to previously inhabit that location.