Creepy Things That Kids Have Said That Could Make Believers Out Of Anyone

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Whether you believe in the supernatural, in past lives, or reincarnation, what these kids had to say is going to send shivers down your spine. Kids tend to not only have zero filters when they speak, but they have genuine and pure minds.

Which means that they have no reason to lie or make up these stories. It’s especially creepy when the kids describe facts that they couldn’t have possibly known on their own, or without ever having seen pictures. See for yourself!

Imaginary Friends From The Dead

imaginary friend named Jon was mom's brother tweet

@Jrw3780 / Twitter

@Jrw3780 / Twitter

​We tend to brush off kids’ imaginary friends as a common way for them to fill their time. Kids should be encouraged to explore their imagination and increase their capacity to be creative. However, for some kids, the imaginary friends aren’t so imaginary.

They know details about them from where they lived to the way they look that match exactly lost loved ones or even people who were known to previously inhabit that location.

Seeing Ghosts

lady watching her sleep was her great great grandmother

@Katehasablog / Twitter

@Katehasablog / Twitter

It’s not uncommon to feel like we’re being watched, especially given the cameras on our phones and computers. It’s another thing to actually know that we’re being watched with a spirit standing right over us.

Often when spirits feel like they haven’t gotten enough closure, they will stay within our world and find ways to stay in touch with us. Often the easiest way to do so is through children.

Psychic Abilities

knew that granddad was going to pas before he did

@Naaman_Darling / Twitter

@Naaman_Darling / Twitter

Sometimes on their way out of our world, spirits with strong attachments to us will find a way to say goodbye. They can get through to us in our dreams. Sometimes they use the time that we are sleeping to contact us through our subconscious even long after they are gone.

Pay attention to the times when you wake up between 3 and 5 am, as the veil between our world is thin and they might use the opportunity to send you a message.

The Process Of Reincarnation

toddler said that she was grandma's mom

@arrpip / Twitter

@arrpip / Twitter

We often hear that as one life ends, another begins. Yet we usually don’t have proof nor do we get to see it for ourselves. What if our grandmothers became our daughters? It would be interesting to get bossed around by the same person we once had to ground ourselves.

Luckily, they say that we don’t remember who we were when we come back to experience life as someone else, at least on a conscious level.

Memories Of A Past Life

daughter said she drowned last time she was alive tweet

@tweetheartsue / Twitter

@tweetheartsue / Twitter

​Do you ever get deja vus and yet can’t place when and where you could have possibly seen or experienced what you’re feeling before? They say these are memories of your past life that still live in your subconscious and are triggered by certain events.

The same thing happens with kids but since they haven’t lived long enough to create new memories, they are often able to recall their past lives quiet vividly, down to their death day.

Possessions Of The Living Body

uncle taken over by dead grandma

@DebbyLinnell / Twitter

@DebbyLinnell / Twitter

​Movies tend to glamorize possessions and make it look like only a bad spirit can possess us by making us look like we’re having seizures. Yet many of those who report possessions share peaceful stories of loved ones who took over just to say hello.

They usually can’t explain their sudden knowledge of other languages and tend to black out during the whole experience

Parallel Universes

Son says he used to live with other family

@roseluncdy1 / tWITTER

@roseluncdy1 / tWITTER

​There are many stories like this out there. Some are able to recall very specific details about their “other” life that can be researched and verified.

Do you believe any of this is possible or is it all coincidences?

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