Choose A Crystal – Discover What It Reveals About You

2. Green Aventurine

If you chose crystal number 2, you are in need of healing, balance, harmony, peace or much love. Green represents the heart chakra which is central to the lower and higher chakras. So this chakra represents anything to do with the heart, balance, harmony, healing and love. Don't you feel at peace whenever you are in nature? When we take walks in nature, we naturally balance this chakra with the aid of the green foliage.

Choosing this crystal represents a need for healing or coming back to center. Have you closed this chakra due to past wounds? Know that when you close off this chakra, you close yourself to receiving love and connecting with people. Perhaps you have difficulty making friends. This chakra also represents self-love, so perhaps it's time to start nurturing yourself and allowing yourself to feel worthy and deserving of all the best life has to offer.

Maybe you've noticed that hospitals often have their walls painted green. This is because green is a very healing color and it also represents growth. So now is the time to look at getting some healing of some kind. Of course, any problems to do with the heart or lungs is also an indication that this chakra needs some tender, loving care.

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