Discover Which Crystal Is Best For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries – Agate

Agate is perfect for Aries because it helps improve mental clarity and infuse love into your chakras. It helps bring balance in tumultuous times.

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Taurus – Ruby

Ruby is a powerful heart stone perfect for creating empathy and emotional awareness – something our friend the stubborn Taurus could learn.

Gemini – Gold

Gold creates positive energy and boosts creativity, confidence, and even wealth. It’s also an excellent stone for Leo.

Cancer – Calcite

Calcite helps break you out of old energy patterns and produces greater emotional clarity and stability, which is something our moody friends the Crab could learn.

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Leo – Labradorite

Labradorite is perfect for Leo the Lion as it improves self-esteem and can create positive energy changes, something Leo has a harder time with.

Virgo – Quartz

Quartz helps open the heart chakra and acts as a filter to all energy coming near you. It can help heal the worst tears in your energetic form.

Libra – Jasper

Jasper is the perfect stone for Libra, as it provides balance and enhances your creativity. Jasper fosters an environment of support and creativity.

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Scorpio – Sapphire

This stone creates tranquility and helps the fiery Scorpio balance themselves spiritually. It can protect from negative energy invited by being excessively angry.

Sagittarius – Selenite

Selenite is wonderful for both Taurus and Sagittarius. It activates the third eye and can create any space into a place of protection and peace.

Capricorn – Calcite

Calcite increases a person’s ambition, which is ideal for Capricorn. It can create greater mental awareness and clarity. This is a good secondary stone for Cancer.

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Aquarius – Ammonite

Ammonite is an incredible, spiral-shaped healing stone that activates the chakras throughout the body creating greater tranquility which is perfect for Aquarius.

Pisces – Onyx

Onyx is the ultimate stone of strength and protection. It can create a hard shell for those who need it most and promotes peaceful, cleansing energy.

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