A Dad’s Post About His Ex-Wife Is Going Viral And Everyone Is Loving It

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Billy Flynn Gadbois from Boston went through a divorce, but it didn’t leave him bitter and frustrated. Billy has a nice relationship with his wife, and that’s something most people don’t understand.

Billy decided to surprise his ex-wife on her birthday, and bought flowers and birthday card. That’s not all. He even made breakfast with their children.

When asked about his reasons to do this, Billy said the question is annoying, because he is raising two boys who need to learn how to treat women.

The boys enjoy seeing Billy treat their mom. This will later help them treat women well.

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Billy encouraged others to build a strong relationship with their kids. We have to be an example for our kids, and that’s bigger than us.

Billy told everyone to raise good men and strong women, adding that the world needs them.

Things weren’t always easy. Billy and his wife had to get over their anger and resentment.

It wasn’t easy, but they did their best for the kids. They worked really hard to establish their boundaries and find ways to improve their interactions.