Dad Shaved His Daughter’s Head For Bullying A Girl With Cancer And Pulling Her Wig, Was He Right?

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No matter how many parenting books you read, there is never enough information to prepare you for the real-life situations your kids will put you in. So naturally, parenting is a trial and error process not only for the child but for the parent who is constantly working to find the best way to teach their child a lesson and prepare them to be the best adult that they can be.

We usually teach our children that actions have consequences through punishments. Bullying is one of the most devasting circumstances that a child can find themselves in, so we do our best to protect our children from it and teach them to keep away from doing it. But what happens when you learn that it is your own child who is the bully? Is there a right way to handle the situation? A simple slap on the wrist isn’t enough when bullying children and young people under 25 who are victims ofbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behavior. So was this dad in the right to take extreme action when he found out his daughter bullied a girl with cancer or was he a bully himself?

A Fight Over A Boy

two yourng girls mad at each other

Obie Fernandez / Unsplash

Obie Fernandez / Unsplash

It all started as part of a fight over a boy, a typical dispute that happens between teenage girls. The dad explained the situation on a post on Reddit that has since been deleted. He explains that there was some bad blood between the two girls over a guy they both had gotten involved with. The girl who was sick with cancer had called the daughter names, which escalated the situation.

Although the dad recognizes that this was no excuse, he explains: “She bullied a student who had lost her hair because of cancer treatment…My daughter even removed the wig from another girl.” Now you can imagine how vulnerable it would be for a young girl to lose all her hair and have to wear a wig to deal with her illness so there really was no context where the bullying should have been justified from either end.