Dadirri – The Way Indigenous People Heal Trauma

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Pain is something all people experience. We all go through things that frighten us and cause us trauma. The way we decide to deal with trauma is significantly different than how people used to, and even some people still do today.

For centuries, we’ve ignored native people. We’ve viewed their ways as inferior and useless. Among the things we’ve ignored is Dadirri.

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Dadirri is defined as an inner, deep listening and quiet, or a still awareness. It recognizes the deep rping inside of each of us. When Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann talks about Dadirri, she paints the picture of a deep, contemplative listening.

“When I experience dadirri, I am made whole again. I can sit on the riverbank or walk through the trees; even if someone close to me has passed away, I can find my peace in this silent awareness. There is no need of words. A big part of dadirri is listening.”