Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 16th, 2019

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Today we’re asked to detach from drama as much as we can, as Moon in Pisces seeks peace, love, and understanding. There will be an influx of brilliant ideas.

Make sure to jot them down for use later. We continue to be cautioned against seeking approval from others because it’s a fool’s errand and will always be elusive.

When we find we’re getting “approval,” it turns out to be a hollow achievement because then we seek more and more and more. Don’t fall into this trap.

Not everyone can find the disconnect lever for attachment, which is the ability to disconnect from others on an emotional level.

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The ancient Stoics made this one of their primary areas of practice. Detachment allows us to respond calmly to highly emotional events.

Seek balance in any healthy way you can. Loyalty may be questioned when you appear detached, as some feel it’s a lack of support when the opposite is true.

We don’t need to match the emotional reaction of others in order to support them. Tomorrow is another story.

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