Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 16th, 2019

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Today we’re asked to detach from drama as much as we can, as Moon in Pisces seeks peace, love, and understanding. There will be an influx of brilliant ideas.

Make sure to jot them down for use later. We continue to be cautioned against seeking approval from others because it’s a fool’s errand and will always be elusive.

When we find we’re getting “approval,” it turns out to be a hollow achievement because then we seek more and more and more. Don’t fall into this trap.

Not everyone can find the disconnect lever for attachment, which is the ability to disconnect from others on an emotional level.

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The ancient Stoics made this one of their primary areas of practice. Detachment allows us to respond calmly to highly emotional events.

Seek balance in any healthy way you can. Loyalty may be questioned when you appear detached, as some feel it’s a lack of support when the opposite is true.

We don’t need to match the emotional reaction of others in order to support them. Tomorrow is another story.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won’t believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It’s unbelievable how accurate it is!

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It’s the 228th day of 2019

38 days until the autumn equinox

137 days until 2020

Sun is in Leo

Moon is in Pisces

Mercury is in Leo

Venus is in Leo

Mars is in Leo

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Saturn is Retrograde in Capricorn

Uranus is Retrograde in Taurus

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn

Chiron is Retrograde in Aries

ARIES: It’s difficult for you to slow and take it easy, as you have energy to spare most of the time. But that’s exactly what you’re being asked to do today with the Moon in Pisces.

Pisces (Water) and Aries (Fire) aren’t the best combination, so you might want to tread lightly if you want to get anything done.

Stirring things up will only make you a rabble-rouser. It’s a good time in the lunar month to wind down. This won’t help your nerves or anxiety levels, but it sure will help.

There will be a few speed bumps that you’ll have to deal with, but all in all, today is a good day.

TAURUS: A difficult aspect between Mercury and Uranus may cause some distractions and upset today, and you’ll feel tension and restlessness to move forward with personal and work plans that you feel are being hindered in some way.

You’re at a crossroads now where you have a choice to make.

Stick with the familiar or head off in a new direction? If you can hold off on making that decision, you’ll have more clarity on it soon enough.

Any attempts to rush your response will create more frustration and you’ll have to do it all over again. Steady for now.

GEMINI: Your head is full of ideas, but there’s no organization to them whatsoever.

While that’s not unusual for you, it’s something you might want to address today, as some of those ideas are brilliant and letting them slip away unacknowledged would be a shame.

Go with the flow and get those ideas down on paper for later review.

There’s a Mercury square Uranus transit today that will be a bit disorienting as it shakes up your schedule and through process.

Figure out how best to center yourself through the next two days for best results.

CANCER: While you try to avoid chaotic situations, today’s energy may thrust you directly into the flow of it, and you’ll quickly learn that you have some exciting ideas and connect with like-minded individuals in the process.

Misunderstandings are many today, so don’t go on the defense or offense without considering the other side thoroughly with a calm mind.

If you rush in, you’ll create more chaos, which is the opposite of what you wanted to do. Your spirits will be flying high today despite what’s going on around you.

LEO: If you expect plans to go as expected today, you might want to stay home to avoid the tension and disruptions of the energy that surrounds you.

While conflicts can have positive resolutions, it’s unlikely to happen today or tomorrow. Stay out of the middle of it if you want any peace of mind.

You know when you’re getting triggered and lowering your vibration to match that of someone else is problematic for you.

The chaos you’re encountering may end with resolutions that everyone benefits from.

VIRGO: You may confront this day from a defensive mindset, triggered by the energy of the Mercury-Uranus square taking place.

Is it best to fix things and then move on, or ignore them and move on anyway? You would rather help people than walk away, but that desire might put you in the middle of something dramatic that won’t end well.

It’s not all bad, though. There’s a key person in your life in whom you trust, who can help ground you and find your center so you remain above the fray.

LIBRA: The first half of the day will be rife with pressure resulting from Mercury-Uranus squaring off in the sky.

You don’t want to follow the herd today, as they don’t know where they’re going or what they’re going to do when they get there.

You want to break away and head out on your own, just make sure you have your map and compass handy. Work and chores may feel like much-needed therapy now, which is a switch-up you didn’t see coming.

Go ahead and indulge.

SCORPIO: A tendency to overthink everything comes on this morning, which will frustrate you. You may feel out of sync with the rest of the world.

Being flexible mentally and emotionally will be of tremendous solace to you today as there’s a Mercury-Uranus square that’s shaking things up and causing disturbances everywhere you turn.

People share unwanted advice to which you’ll disagree but end up learning something from it anyway.

Listen to that inner voice that you’ve come to trust and as the noise of the day fades, you’ll discover that it’s much easier to do so when you ignore the babble.

SAGITTARIUS: This is not a day for trying to get organized. While you’re typically the first to jump at a challenge, you’re urged to stay seated and quiet and simply observe.

Things will move erratically and without warning, speeding up and slowing down randomly.

You’ll think it’s the universe trying to drive you crazy, but there’s a Mercury-Uranus square that’s stirring everything – and everyone – up.

Feel free to throw ideas into the mix as long as you don’t expect any real response to them. It’s better to not have expectations of things or people for the next 48 hours.

CAPRICORN: Clashes of authority and opinions are on the menu today, and you’d rather not participate, thank you very much.

People will not be able to see or understand other points of view, so what’s the use in trying to force them?

This may cause many detours in thinking in the workplace, so don’t try to get too attached to any one outcome, because it will not be clear at all.

You’ll stay busy, regardless, especially with the Moon in your sector of communications.

AQUARIUS: You may hit the ground running this morning, searching out new ideas and other mental gymnastics, but you’re going to get a whole lot more than you thought you would.

The day is full of unexpected events, arguments, conflict, and misunderstandings. If you enjoy the sheer randomness of the day’s energy, you’ll be fine.

If you expect something familiar, you’ll be disappointed. There’s no telling what will come from the Mercury-Uranus square this morning, so don’t get your heart set on any one thing.

Change is the order of the day.

PISCES: Nervous tension is abundant this morning, and you’ll try not to let it drag you under the surface. If successful, you may get through the day unscathed.

However, you’re likely to take on much more than you can easily handle, and then overthink it until you’re unable to figure out if you should scratch your watch or wind your butt.

Some of the spotlight may spill over onto you today, but that may be the only thing that works out, as you are craving connection of some kind.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won’t believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.

Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. It’s unbelievable how accurate it is!

For more information about your Zodiac sign and free personalized daily horoscopes, CLICK HERE to download our new mobile app!

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