Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 28th 2019

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Some excitement in the skies today, with Mercury leaving Leo for Virgo and Moon in a trine Jupiter. Mercury is the planet to watch now that the Leo show is ending.

What can we expect with Leo in Earth sign Virgo?

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo (as well as Gemini). Virgo also rules the 6th House in astrology, meaning our daily habits, patterns, health, occupation, and service to other people are highlighted.

This is an intellectual pairing, lending a bit of flash and style to Virgo, and getting the details right in communications with Mercury.

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Be careful not to be overly harsh in judging others or too critical in day-to-day activities.

You’ll feel more organized and will want to get things done efficiently. It’s a useful pairing because Virgo is all about the best, most effective ways to do things.

There’s a Mars-Uranus trine as well, bringing a feeling of excitement to our lives. There will be energetic “gaps” that you’ll want to avoid, as they may create fatal flaws in your process.

In IT parlance, the blue screen of death.