Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 9th, 2019

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There’s a Venus conjunct the Sun in Leo transit (on Tuesday) and today’s energy is increasing in intensity.

This is a good thing, as our personal charm increases, and others are drawn to us because of it. It’s not about earning another’s approval, it’s about how you can increase your circle of friends and influencers without even trying.

Ultimately, it’s not about pleasing people for the sake of admiration, as it most always results in a perception of sycophancy rather than authenticity.

And if someone requires that you kiss their behind to get ahead, you don’t want that kind of toxic negativity in your life anyway. When we succumb to trying to gain others’ approval, we take our own self-esteem and self-worth and chuck it in the garbage.

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Today’s heightened energy provides the materials and resources you need to hold your own position, stand your ground, and understand that the things we say have real merit and should not be discarded.

We have worth, and until we grasp that as our Truth, no one else will even pay attention to us. Tomorrow is another story.

Using your astrological sign can also give you quite a lot of insight into your personality and future.

Do you want to learn more about your personality and life? You won’t believe what the science of Astrology can uncover.