Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 11th, 2019

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Another planet, Jupiter, goes direct today while Uranus stations retrograde, and Mercury (which went direct on August 1st) returns to courageous but hyperbolic Leo.

We’re cautioned against taking anything or anyone for granted. Before making major decisions or plans, be sure to check your research for flaws or weaknesses.

We can draw from past experience, but we’ll only see part of the bigger picture. Pay attention to detail and adjust what is before you in reality, not what you *hope* or *want* to see.

There is going to be abrupt changes today – in our way of thinking, in our beliefs, and in the way we have always done things – that we won’t be able to ignore or put off for another day.

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We’re still in a strong phase of striving to avoid people pleasing and attention-seeking, except today we’re asked to also avoid being too willfully independent, as we’ll miss details we’ll need to stay on track.

The keywords for this energy are “discipline” and “discernment.” Tomorrow is another story.

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