Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 10th, 2019

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Moon in Sagittarius trines boisterous and invigorating Mars this morning, but then goes void-of-course immediately after and remains that way for the rest of the day.

Void-of-course Moons are perfect for reflecting, planning, and organizing. Let your big plans take a back seat for a bit. Take the time to think things through; see what others are doing and saying.

You could learn a lot! You’ll be surprised at how much information you retain and how much insight seems to pop into your awareness when you need it most.

You may experience a feeling of invincibility, that sense of saving the world that comes over us once in a great while.

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There is also a tremendous amount of drift and shift that blows our best intentions slightly off course, leading us into false drama, fallacies of logic, and circular reasoning.

Don’t get involved in others’ problems and don’t stress making points that may be important only to you.

Things straighten out when Moon arrives in Capricorn late in the evening. Tomorrow is another story.

Using your astrological sign can also give you quite a lot of insight into your personality and future.