Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 20th 2019

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We’re coming to the close of weeks of energy that may have had us seeking approval from those around us rather than from ourselves.

Most energy is a spectrum, so this unhealthy need has ebbed and flowed like the tides. We want to be who we truly are but use outside input to gauge where we are and how we’re doing.

The thing is, others can only tell you from their perspective, which is filtered through their past, and their present, which is nothing like yours.

So why have someone without knowledge of who you are offer input? Earn your own self-approval by trusting in yourself and your intuition.

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Mercury and Saturn are squabbling overhead, bringing today’s challenges to head, though Mercury trine Jupiter offers us the space we need to broaden our perspectives and identify pain points.

Self-confidence helps tremendously today. When we understand that the need to approval is not helpful, we might also learn that self-assurance is the ultimate goal.

Go for it. Tomorrow is another story.

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