People Who Have Daily Sex Are Happier, Healthier, And More Creative

Huffington Post blogger Brittany Gibbons decided to get real personal with us in a story earlier this year. She shared her story of having sex every day for an entire year. The results?

A boost in confidence, excitement for life, and just overall happiness. At first, she wrote that it changed her routine and felt like it could be adding stress to her life. But once she and her committed partner hit the sheets, everything began to change.

"It stopped being a chore, and became the moment of the day where I was most at peace.Where I could have an actual conversation with my husband and know he was listening to me and not secretly watching television or elbow deep in Lego assembly," writes Gibbons.

And it's not just anecdotal evidence. A study from the University of Texas shows that participants who had sex often felt more confident about their bodies than those who didn't have sex frequently.

Not only are there clear psychological benefits to daily sex, but there are physiological ones as well. Positive effects include a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack and a decrease in anxiety and stress. Everyday Health reports that having sex more often helps prevent various cancers too. Interesting!

Not only does it help us psychologically and physiologically, psychologists at the University of Newcastle found that artists have more sexual partners and encounters out of all the participants surveyed. Psychology Today reported that, when asked to imagine a long walk with a loved one on a beach or to think about having casual sex, those that pictured the walk performed creative tests better. Not just that, the people who pictured casual sex became more analytical rather than creative.

So mixing sex and love is the key here. So I think what's clear here is that sex makes you feel more confident, creative, and freer than you did before. It's a vital part of human life. We're one of just a few animals that are designed to enjoy sex. Might as well enjoy it!

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