9 Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

4. Headaches with vision impairment

Giant Cell Arteritis is a condition where the arteries in your head become inflamed. The inflammation is often accompanied by pain behind your eyes, in your upper neck, and in the back of your head.

It is also common to experience blurred vision, and if gone untreated for too long it could increase your risk of stroke, and even lead to permanent blindness.

5. Headaches related to injuries

If you crashed on your bike, or injured yourself in a football or basketball game, and begin experiencing headaches within 10 days of the event, there is a very high possibility you're suffering from a concussion.

6. Headaches with a stiff neck

This is most likely a warning sign of meningitis because about 95 percent of all patients experiencing meningitis report getting headaches accompanied by a stiff neck.

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