20 Brutally Hilarious Comics That Are Only For People With A Dark Sense of Humor

If you're the type of person who gets a laugh out of the darker side of life, these comics by Mr. Lovenstein are sure to brighten up your day (in a dark way).

Mr. Lovenstein comics, drawn by J.L. Westover, take you on a rollercoaster of emotions panel by panel, usually portraying an unexpected, often darker side of everyday interactions and thoughts.

If you're someone whose brain tends to go the unexpected, extreme (yet funny) route, these comics are right up your alley.

Whether you're bored with nothing to do or trying to entertain yourself through the work week, we're sure you'll find at least once comic that will make you laugh!

You can find more Mr. Lovenstein comics and info on J. L. Westover on his website, Facebook and Twitter!





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