5 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Pisces

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Pisces loves new experiences.

If you’re the kind of person who likes sitting around at home, Pisces may get a little bit bored with you. Pisces is born for adventure. They love to travel, skydive, hike, and experience all sorts of interesting things.

Pisces loves volunteering.

You’re more likely to see your Pisces partner down at the soup kitchen feeding the homeless than bumping at the club. Pisces is compassionate and will want to take you on their volunteering adventures. Get ready for some philanthropic fun!

They can be a little bit sensitive.

Try not to be too brash and blunt with your Pisces lover, because chances are, they won’t take too kindly to it. Truthfully, they can be a little bit sensitive. They’re often empaths who pick up on each little emotion the people around them are feeling.

They sometimes live in a fantasy world.

There’s the world they want to live in and the world that they do live in, and by God, Pisces struggles to distinguish between the two. The important thing to remember though is that Pisces is still moderately pragmatic. So while they have their idea of the way the world should be, they also probably have a game plan to make it happen.

Pisces can’t stand conflict.

Pisces doesn’t have it in them to deal with big arguments. If you love a Pisces, it’s best to calm down when you’re mad and talk things out in a calm, collected way.

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