This Is What You Need To Know Before You Date A Sarcastic Person

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Don’t worry about it. We’re just messing with you.

Try not to take our sarcasm too seriously. We like to have fun and being dry with you is one of the ways we do. Dish it back once in a while!

You can make fun of us too.

We can take it as well as we give it. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit sarcastic back at us.

We’re pretty cocky.

But in reality, we’re just like everyone else. All the same concerns and worries and fears. We just make a joke out of it way better than most.

Assume we’re just kidding.

If you’re not sure if we’re kidding, it means we’re kidding. Don’t take what we say too seriously. It’s just a default mode of ours.

If we laugh at you, it’s because you’re funny.

You’re funny and we like you. So chances are, we’re going to laugh at you when you do something goofy. Don’t worry. We like being laughed at too.

Sincere still sounds sarcastic.

Just assume that everything we say is true, even if it seems like all we know how to be is sarcastic.

We aren’t sociopaths.

Most of us at least…

Chances are, you’re dating a sensitive person.

Come on, we all have feelings, even us sarcastic people.

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