Daughter’s “Imaginary Friend” Turned Out To Be Something A Lot More Terrifying Than They Thought

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Kids tend to have a pure innocence to them that makes it easy to brush off the stories they tell. We assume their imagination is running wild when they tell us about strange sightings or make up stories about imaginary friends. But what if there were actually some truths to their stories and they weren’t all made up? Surely these stories need to start somewhere.

When one little girl told her parents that there was a girl who lived in her closet, the parents assumed she probably imagined it…Until the day she came into the living room and called her out…And that little girl is not alone in these stories.

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Kelly From The Closet

Broken toy looking down

Aimee Vogelsang / Unsplash

Aimee Vogelsang / Unsplash

“When my daughter was three she had an imaginary friend named Kelly who lived in her closet. Kelly sat in a little rocking chair while she slept, played with her, etc. Typical imaginary friend. Anyway, fast forward two years later, the wife and I are watching the new Amityville and our daughter walks out right when the dead girl goes all black-eyed. Far from being disturbed, she said ‘That looks like Kelly.’ ‘Kelly who?’ we say ‘You know the dead girl that lived in my closet.’ – BrownXCoat

We don’t know what’s more concerning, the fact that a three-year-old was not the slightest bit creeped out by a black-eyed scary little girl or that her parents never questioned who Kelly was. A good way to find out if these imaginary friends are actually ghosts is to look up the history of the house and see if any of the names or descriptions match up. Stories like this girl’s are many. Stay tuned for more.

A Man Without A Face

Man without a face

Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

“My son from the age of three always tells me about the ‘creeper man’ who lives in my mom and dad’s bedroom. He brings it up after he visits them. I made the mistake once of asking what he looks like. My son said ‘Oh, he doesn’t have a face.’- TravelsWithTheDoctor / Reddit

What reason would a small child have to picture such a terrifying thing? It’s possible that maybe they got the idea from a movie or from one of their friends but no matter the reason, and no matter how creepy, it’s still endearing to see the world through their fresh lens and their boundless imagination.

Captain Ghost’s Orders 

student between library aisles

Redd / Unsplash

Redd / Unsplash

“A parent of one of my students told us in a meeting that she was concerned because her son (7 years old) talked about an invisible ghost who would talk to him and play with him in his room. He said the ghost was called The Captain and was an old white guy with a beard. The kid would tell his mom that The Captain told him when he grows up his job will be to kill people, and The Captain would tell him who needed to be killed. The kid would cry and say he doesn’t want to kill when he grows up, but The Captain tells him he doesn’t have a choice and he’ll get used to killing after a while.” – MidnightXII

It’s all fun and games until the imaginary friends take a dark turn and the kid starts acting out of character. It’s one thing to have harmless conversations with a ghost in a closet but what happens when the child is actually convinced that they must act according to what they believe they are being ordered to do?

The Evil Rabbit

“My cousin, when she was 5, and I was 17, had a stuffed rabbit that she talked to and carried everywhere.

One day she was asleep on the couch while I was watching her, and she woke up and started yelling at her rabbit for no reason. One minute she was knocked out, the next, she was awake, glaring at her rabbit, yelling, ‘No! You can’t do that! That’s bad! Don’t do it!’ repeatedly. I asked her what was wrong, tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen. I finally just took the rabbit up to her room, and when I came back down she was asleep on the couch again.” trethompson / Reddit

If only we knew what the rabbit was saying that was so bad…

Twin Telepathy

easter bunny costume walking

Gratisography / Pexels

Gratisography / Pexels

“When I was 16, I babysat twins who were in the third grade at the time. They always spoke of a man in an Easter Bunny costume, and they were terrified of him. One day I was babysitting, and one twin was in the shower. His brother and I were sitting downstairs watching television when all of the sudden, he said, ‘you need to go check on Matt.’ Seconds later, Matt yelled, ‘He’s in here!!! He’s in here!!!’ I ran upstairs, and I had to check every room before he would calm down. I’m not sure which part of the experience freaked me out the most.” NiceColdPBR / Reddit

Professor Jeff Craig says some twins feel that they can read each other’s minds, despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence yet to back up claims of telepathy between them. Maybe twins just really get each other and like to copy each other.

Someone’s Watching Over Her

young girl sleeping in bed

Artem / Pexels

Artem / Pexels

“My daughter used to tell me about a man who came into her room every night and put the sign of the cross on her forehead. I thought it was just a dream. Then my mother-in-law sent over some family photos. My daughter looked right at the picture of my husband’s father (who has been dead for 16 years) and said ‘That’s the man who comes into my room at night!’ My husband later told me his father would always do the sign of the cross on his forehead when he was young.” – Rcrowley32

Sometimes having an imaginary ghost friend isn’t necessarily terrifying but also heartwarming. Sometimes it’s nice to think that someone is watching over us or our loved ones long after they’re gone. It makes it a little easier to go on without them.

Imaginary Friends Or More?

ghost hands on window

Stefano Pollio / Unsplash

Stefano Pollio / Unsplash

Stephen King once wrote, “The root of all human fear is a closed door, slightly ajar.” The things we can’t see seem scarier because we don’t know how to defend ourselves against them or what to expect. The idea of a threat that the child can see but no one else can has often been explored in famous movies like The Sixth Sense.

But at the end of the day, imaginary friends are positive to have for children. It allows them to explore their imagination without limit. It also gives them a chance to develop social skills and creativity., especially for children who don’t have siblings. Some kids even use it as a coping mechanism to process experiences that were overwhelming to them.

The Line Between Imagination And Reality

little girls with eyes closed and stars all over

Annie Spratt / Pexels

Annie Spratt / Pexels

Naturally, as we get older we grow out of imaginary friendships but that’s no reason to stop exploring and being open to the universe at large. Thenumerology of your birth date, regardless of what month you were born, can reveal surprising information about your personality.

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