Giant Whales Found Dead In Germany. You Won't Believe What Killed Them

As of January 29th, just on the shores around the North Sea, sperm whales were found stranded in the shallow area that is not meant for marine wildlife.

However, the details of the animals' necropsy that was released shows a very gruesome truth as to how the whales dyed to begin with. Scientists were very concerned and deeply disturbed as to what they found inside the unfortunate whales.

The press release that was given from Wadden Sea National Park located in Schleswig-Holstein, shows that many of the stranded whales stomachs were actually filled to the brim with plastic debris, which includes a 70 cm piece of plastic known to be apart of a car, a 13-meter-long fishing net, and a variety of other plastic debris that was found as well.

Clearly, with this much debris in a whales stomach, there is no possible way for them to digest and get the nutrition necessary in order to survive. Having a full stomach and dying of starvation is one of the cruelest ways any marine animal could perish.

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