Dead Woman Came Back To Life And Walked After 3 Years In Her Grave

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When we lose someone we love, it’s human nature to wish that we could bring them back to life. We wish we had one more moment to hug them and tell them we love them before it’s too late. It’s hard to accept the loss of that possibility. We think of death as not only imminent but also irreversible. The topic of death itself sends chills down our spine whether or not we believe in an afterlife. Death is perceived as a sinister man wearing a black robe that we can’t escape. However, this meaning is not universal.

In Indonesia, in the town of Toraja, death is possibly temporary. A woman was videotaped leaving her grave after being dead for 3 years. The proof is in the footage and is hard to dispute. See for yourself.

Risen From Death

In Indonesia, in the town of Toraja, a woman was reported leaving her grave after being dead for 3 years. News surrounding her claimed resurrection adds that in order to bring her back to life, a special ritual was performed at the location of her tomb.

zombie woman surrounded by people
Agung Paracheguara
Agung Paracheguara

She was not buried alive, but rather somehow was risen from death. In fact, her body had deteriorated and looked just like a corpse. She couldn’t even walk on her own and needed to be held up at all times.