Deal With Your Emotions

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1. Getting mad.

It’s true, anger isn’t exactly the most attractive feature on a person for most, but not for me. If you can get mad, if you can feel the emotion, I say that’s a good thing.

Take the energy produced by your anger and use it for a positive result. Learn to express your anger in a positive way. It’s not as negative a behavior as you think.

2. Being lost.

Sometimes we lose our sense of direction, but I think that’s okay. It’s important to feel lost sometimes. It gives you the opportunity to find yourself and figure out what direction you should go.

3. Crying your eyes out.

Just like anger, crying is a natural human response to certain upsetting or inspiring situations.

We treat it like it’s something we shouldn’t do, but we cry for an evolutionary reason. Same as laughing, yawning, and every other non-language communication.

If you have something to cry about, go ahead.

4. Being solitary.

Society teaches us to constantly be with people. It’s important to be a pack animal! But sometimes we just need that solitary time.

Turning of external stimuli can be important for reorienting ourselves. If you need along time, take it. If you know someone who needs alone time, let them have it.

5. Not listening.

Have you ever noticed how just about everyone you meet acts like an advice factory? It’s like no matter what situation you face, they have the perfect piece of advice for you.

They know exactly what they’d do. Well you know what? You’re not them. Sometimes it’s okay to not listen to others. Other times it’s important. But hey, it’s up to you.

6. Breaking all the rules.

It’s important to know the rules to understand the best ways possible to break them. There are some rules you should follow. Not speeding is a good idea.

Not drinking and driving is a good idea. Not doing rails of coke and then going running is a good idea. But do you remember when we had “free speech zones” under President Bush? Yeah, that was a rule worth breaking.

7. Not trying to conform.

Come on, don’t be a conformist. You just do you.

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