5 Things To Remember When Dealing With Manipulators

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People who have mastered the art of manipulation are some of the most devious human beings that the world has ever seen.

They will say and do anything to get exactly what they want from you.

They do not care for your emotions, your life, or anything about you that isn’t going to help them get their way.

So it’s important that you learn these comebacks in order to combat these silver tongued evil doers who wish to rob you of something you will miss.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that if you feel as if someone is trying to manipulate you, then it is always relevant to just say no and walk away.

You do not owe them anything or even the time they plan on wasting on you to try and force you to give them what they want.

Do not allow them this opportunity; instead, remove yourself from the situation entirely.

1. Self-Worth

A woman holding her hands up in the shape of a heart.
Unsplash / Jackson David
Unsplash / Jackson David

It is important that you recognize your self-worth and what it means to never sell yourself short to someone who is trying to manipulate you. Just by telling them that “I am a person who has value and worth” can demonstrate to them that you are not so easily swayed.

However, you must exude this confidence to them that you are not willing to make any kind of shady deal with them or anything else like it.