December 4 New Moon Asks: “What Does Your Story Look Like In 2022?” Here’s How To Find Out

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New Moon in Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is set to take place on December 4, 2021. Being the last new moon of the year, it could be the most important.

This is the time where we need to celebrate how far we’ve come and focus on what we want to change. Let the power of the new moon guide your goals, and intention for the new year. Here’s what to expect.

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What Are New Moons Anyway?

moon cycle in starry sky

Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

This week, a very powerful and symbolic astrological event is taking place on December 4th, a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. New Moons are all about setting our new goals, planting the seeds of desires, and welcoming a blank slate.

The eclipse infuses this with energies around release, transformation and provocative change. The message it carries is one of acceptance and release: embrace what you are actively letting go of.

The Moon’s Light Connects You To Your Future Self

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Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

This moon asks you to consider what sort of beliefs or routines aren’t serving you anymore; for you to look at the big picture. You may have placed rules on yourself during these challenging times: how you need to act, who you need to support or spend time with and this moon is asking that you reconsider these self-imposed rules.

Open yourself up to possibilities and ideas for the future. Sagittarius has to do with philosophy, big visions and storytelling. Under the light of this moon you can connect with your grandest dreams and ideas. What does your story look like in 2022?

Creativity Is The Tool For The Next Step

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Daniel Apodaca / Unsplash

Daniel Apodaca / Unsplash

Given the intense fire influence around this New Moon Solar Eclipse, there is much creativity for you to tap into.

This energy urges you to move forward, take action, speak loudly and do what you want to be spending your time on.

Embrace Change By Acknowledging The Present

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Lucas Souza / Unsplash

Lucas Souza / Unsplash

This has been a big year, and many of us have lost a version of ourselves; changed in ways we may not even be aware of. This New Moon and Eclipse asks us to honor and acknowledge who we are now and what is next, and even scary. Embrace the vulnerability around those changes and let this Moon share the Sagittarian courage.

You are choosing to walk down a new path. Under this Eclipse you have an opportunity to redefine yourself and release the rules that tell you that you cannot explore whatever interests and visions you have for yourself.

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