December Energy Reading Reveals Blind Faith And Challenges Old Ways, Here’s How The Year Is Predicted To End

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A Solar Eclipse in freedom-loving Sagittarius ensures that the first week of December is tinged with optimism, excitement and adventure. The eclipse is square Neptune, however, so right from the start there’s a sense that all is not quite as it seems. When Mars squares Jupiter on December 7th, the perils of over-optimism and blind faith start to become more obvious.

Venus’ conjunction to Pluto on December 10th is an intense reminder of the power of emotions, and provides something of an emotional reset. With Mars arriving in Sagittarius on December 13th, however, the desire to push ahead with wide-ranging plans is overwhelming. Fortunately, on the same day, Mercury moves into cautious, prudent Capricorn, providing some intelligent backup to this dare-at-all-costs energy.

The fun-loving Gemini Full Moon on December 18th gets people into the festive spirit, but when Venus turns retrograde the following day, dating, new romances and unstable relationships may need a bit of a rethink.

The solstice on December 21st sees the arrival of the Sun in Capricorn, grounding and centering us all just ahead of the final tense Saturn-Uranus square this year, on December 24th. This is quite angry, frustrated, hostile energy, very much not in keeping with festive spirit. Expect the old ways to be challenged to the core.

The second Venus-Pluto conjunction in two weeks on December 25th is a real pull yourself together moment, emotionally, and helps us to keep moving forward through the tumult.

After the overt tensions of the holiday period, 2021 is set to end on a much more spiritual and peaceful note, as Jupiter returns to mystical Pisces on December 28th.

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You arrive in December full of energy and raring to go – and with an urge to change things up. The Solar Eclipse in your adventure zone on December 4th underlines your need to rip up old routines and try something new. However, too much of a good thing can be your undoing, as when your ruler Mars squares an over-exuberant Jupiter on the 7th. Try to keep realistic feet on the ground.

As much as you want excitement, your career status is on your mind too, especially when a Venus-Pluto conjunction mixes money and power on the 10th. Mars moves into your adventure zone on the 13th, urging you again to rip up the rule book, but on the same day Mercury glides into your career zone, helping you to approach the situation rationally.

You’ll finally start to feel some festive spirit on December 18th during the fun-loving Full Moon, but watch out for regrets in love or money the following day when Venus turns retrograde.

The holiday period itself is dominated by the final Saturn-Uranus square of the year on December 24th, which highlights your frustration over how money holds you back from your dreams. It could be something of an ill-tempered festive season for this reason, although the second Venus-Pluto conjunction on December 25th does encourage emotional reflection.

Look to the arrival of Jupiter in your spiritual zone on December 28th for more clarity over your future goals and how they may align with your spiritual path. As 2022 dawns, you’ll find a way to become more authentic in your career.