Ask These 10+ Deep Questions Early In A Relationship

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There are few things that match the bliss of the first few months of a really good relationship.

Everything is exciting. Every adventure is like the best one you’ve ever had. Every date is awesome and fun.

The honeymoon phase is sexy, carefree, and wonderful. But you’re not dating this person just to have some chill good times.

You’re potentially picking out a life partner – someone you’ll be spending your days and nights with maybe for the rest of your life.

There are some pretty important questions you need to ask! It’s not always fun. It really bursts the bubble.

But before you move onto later, more serious phases of your relationship, you’ve got to ask these questions.

The longer you push these conversations off, the worse off your relationship may end up. Not knowing these answers leaves you flying blind into a major life decision.

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1. Are Kids A Deal Breaker?

Many couples have the conversation about whether or not to have children. It’s actually pretty common, meaning it’s not for this list.

But what many couples don’t anticipate is that their partner may change their minds about it.

A must-have conversation is whether or not having or not having kids is explicitly a deal-breaker.

I’ve known married couples who wanted to have kids, then one changed their mind, and the marriage dissolved as a result.

I’ve seen couples decide to have a large family then, after one child, one partner decides that one is enough – and while in that situation it didn’t end the marriage, it created a great deal of strife for a long time that never really got resolved.

If you’re up front about it from the very get go, you have a way out that cannot be debated if your partner changes their mind.

You’ve made your wants and your needs clear from the very start, and if they change their mind, it’s entirely on them.