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8 Toxic Behaviors You Should Never Put Up With

There are certain types of toxic behaviors we encounter in people that just suck us dry of our energy.

There comes a point when having them in your life doesn't make sense for you, and it might be time to show them the door if you see any of these 8 toxic types of behavior.

1. Too much negativity.

Especially if you're trying to improve your life, a person's negativity can really bring you down.

Their negativity can appear in both action and words. It's perfectly fine for your friends to push you and express concerns, but you'll know the difference between that and flat out negativity.

2. Gossip.

Gossip will weaken any type of relationship, be it platonic or romantic. Gossip comes out in weak people with usually malicious intent. But pay attention to how your conversations feel.

You might be gossiping without realizing it.

3. Self-centered and selfish behavior.

It stinks to find yourself in the close company with people who want to further themselves at the expense of everyone in their lives. It may not always apply to you specifically.

You may hear about them throwing coworkers under the bus or taking advantage of their family members. But ask yourself: how long will it take before they get to you?

4. Lack of compassion.

You're on a date and your date treats the waitress like crap

. You're out walking and your friend ignores a loose dog trying to get home. It's no fun to be around people who lack any kind of compassion. What would happen if you needed their compassion?

Would they give it to you? Or would you be out of luck?

5. Unnecessary stubbornness.

I think we can all be a little bit stubborn, but have you ever known someone who obnoxiously won't budge from their position, even when you both realize they're wrong?

That kind of toxic behavior really brings down the energy of the room. It takes a big person to admit you're wrong about something, or that you should change your ways. I know I want big people in my life.

6. Superficiality.

This ties in with gossip a little bit.

Some people are so concerned with appearances of their relationship, their circle of friends, or themselves that they forget the importance of having genuinely good people in their lives.

If you find yourself in the company of a superficial person, you might need to ask yourself why you are.

7. Manipulation.

Manipulation comes in many forms, and each form is just as toxic as the last. Sometimes it's emotional manipulation. Sometimes it's blackmail.

No matter what it is, it's toxic and I for one don't want it anywhere near my life.

8. Acting like the victim all the time.

This one can be the worst of all. People who act like the victim all the time are their own kind of stubborn. They're so incapable of admitting that they've done something wrong that they paint the whole world as against them.

Like I said before, it takes a big person to admit when you've messed up.

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