Depressed People See the World More Realistically, According To Study

There is a difference between feeling blue and suffering from depression. While this article isn’t meant to serve as an assessment, diagnosis, or encourager of depression, our mind finds hope and relief in knowing that studies show that depression could just be a different way of looking at the world.

Since we know in psychology that feelings and thoughts aren’t fixed or permanent, they may just be momentary judgments. Those with depression might be able to use their perception of the world to better judge reality. Here’s what we mean.

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Are We Living In Delusion?

Psychology believes that people are not born “depressed” but rather it’s a way that our system copes with the world when it is presented with an overwhelming and upsetting reality. The experiences that lead a person into depression can be looked at as a “reality check” or be considered “proof” by their brain that bad things happen in the world.

woman sitting in front of window overlooking the water
Maria Teneva / Unsplash
Maria Teneva / Unsplash

This concept is known as “depressive realism,” and it suggests that in our normal state, so when we’re not depressed, we operate under happy delusions that lift away when we’re depressed.