The Difference Between Being In Love And Loving Someone

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Loving someone and being in love may seem like a similar emotion but they’re night and day in so many ways. But what are those differences? For one, when you love someone, you might support their passions. You support the things they’re passionate about and hope for the best.

But to be in love with them means something different. You don’t just back them up, but you admire them for their passions so much so that in many ways, you desire their passions as much as they do. You find yourself just as motivated.

When you love someone, you share your thoughts with them. But when you’re in love with them, you share your thoughts not just to share your thoughts, but to share theirs too. You feel them wherever you go in every place, person, and knowable thing.

To love someone is to feel safe in their embrace. To be in love with them means not just feeling safe, but desiring that embrace all the time. You feel that desire to physically express yourself in ways that seem maddening at times.

Do you see the difference? You don’t have to be in love with someone to love them. And it’s an important distinction to make. It’s important because so many young people especially find themselves in relationships with people they love. They love them. But there’s a spark that’s absence. There’s something missing. It’s almost worth staying single and waiting for the right person that you can be in love with.

What do you think other examples of the distinction are?