7 Warning Signs Of A Relationship That Shouldn’t Be

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When it comes to getting falling in love, in the beginning, we feel as if we could spend the rest of our lives with this person, simply for being in the heat of the moment between each other.

However, just because we enter this short period of romance, young love, and desire, we often grow apart from one another the more familiar we become with the way each other work.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that the “one” is out there somewhere else.

If you have begun a new relationship and feel like your love is the real kind of true love, you should watch for these warning signs at any given moment in time.

1. Lack Of Adventure

A couple standing next to each other, holding hands, reflected in a puddle.
Unsplash / The HK Photo Company
Unsplash / The HK Photo Company

If the person you are with isn’t the curious type, you may find yourself increasingly becoming bored of them and have a hard time listening to their wants and needs.

The thrill of exploring new, uncharted territory together is one of the most wonderful feelings that either one of you could share with one another.

Essentially, if the person you are with does not bring out the kid in you, they are most likely not the one for you.

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