Sometimes You Just Need To Disconnect

6 Universal Problems Only Old Souls Will Understand

1. You're always the outcast.

Old souls have trouble fitting in with anyone, perhaps with the exception of other old souls. But finding an old soul like you can be rare.

This can leave you feeling a little bit like an outcast.

2. People don't label you right.

No one can quite figure out what it is that you are. They have trouble applying the right label to you.

But that's their mistake in itself. You can't label yourself as anything. Old souls are each brilliantly unique individuals.

3. You seem to speak a different language.

When you speak, it seems like no one really understands what you're driving at. It's almost like you're speaking in another language.

Typical conversations don't really work for you. You can't stand celebrity gossip or meaningless things like that.

4. Life is one existential crisis after another.

You can't simply sit around, watch television and ignore your existence like some people can. Old souls tend to have existential crises, and often.

This is why it's important for you to cultivate self-love. Without it, existence can become too much to bear.

5. It's hard to find a kindred spirit.

Face it: old souls are a rare bunch. It's hard to find another one like you. This makes finding a kindred spirit almost impossible.

But if you find one, hold on to them!

6. You strive to make the world a better place.

For old souls, activism is the rent they pay to live on this planet. It's all about leaving it better than you found it.

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