5 Reasons Why People With Disorganized Minds Are Actually Highly Intelligent

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1. Disorganized people have higher creativity levels.

There are numerous tests for determining creativity, with the most well known being the Torrance series. These tests find in individuals with chronic disorganization high scores in areas like humor, storytelling, and thinking outside the box. These people are more likely to be inventors.

2. Disorganized people score higher on verbal IQ tests.

There are two parts to an IQ test, verbal and performance. The verbal portion promotes ideas like what ifs, global thinking, and curiosity. Performance looks at the ability to take factual information and use it correctly. Disorganized people excel in the verbal range. They don’t find themselves tied to norms of traditional methods of doing things.

3. Disorganized people process information with their right brains.

This may not seem like something that would make you more intelligent, but people who use their creative, right hemisphere to process information often solve problems more creatively.

4. Disorganized people can’t focus on boring things.

Disorganized people tend to have trouble in school when they don’t care about the subjects. They don’t have lower IQs. They simply don’t care in geometric proofs and other boring things. Teachers need to find creative ways to engage them.

5. Disorganized people must always be learning.

They always want to learn new things and want to better understand the world. Interesting parts of it at least. They love aha moments and find them to be nearly addicting. This causes them to challenge school and work pretty routinely.

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