This Eye Opening Video Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Diversity

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In today’s world, it’s easy to become obsessed with petty differences as though they were insurmountable gulfs between each of us. But this new viral video serves to break down barriers. It features people from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and racially. The message?

We aren’t what we look like.

It’s an important message. In today’s world, we often forget that each human is, well, human! It doesn’t matter the color of their skin, their religion, their background, or their economic status.

This video makes clear how awful it is to judge someone based on superficial traits. We really aren’t all that different. But in being racist, we wage a war on one another, and it’s a war that doesn’t need to be fought.

“We were meant to be free and only until we remove them all, and stop living and thinking so small will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.”