Do Crows Keep Appearing In Your Life? This Is What It Means

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Animals have been walking this earth long before we have, having evolved from the same origins but diversified in such a magnificent way that allows us to marvel at their beauty every day. They run on instincts alone, meaning they’re much more in tune with what the planet has to say.

This means they carry valuable messages with them wherever they roam and bring them to those wanting to listen, which we all should be if we want some divine guidance.

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Animal Insights

Animals reflect and symbolize many aspects of our human lives, from strength and courage to wisdom and tranquillity. As an integral part of the natural world, animals have a deep connection with the earth and its rhythms, meaning they can follow the ebbs and flows that we people aren’t able to pick up on.

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This connection is reflected in their spiritual and symbolic presence. They often appear to us as a reminder or sign of an important lesson. Each animal spirit has its own message and gifts, guiding, encouraging and inspiring us with the energy and insights they embody.

What They Stand For

Some animals’ symbolic meanings have become commonplace and widely known, like owls representing wisdom or wolves representing loyalty. Though most animals have positive associations, a few send shivers down our spines when they cross our paths, such as black cats, spiders, and crows.

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These animals are often victims of negative stereotypes, and despite their spooky or eerie appearance, they bring many kinds of tidings, including positive ones.

Crows are very commonly misconstrued. People are so focused on their haunting calls and horror story connotations that they think poorly of crows without knowing what they truly symbolize.

Some Truth

Daniel P. Compora, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Toledo with a focus on folklore and popular culture, spoke to Mind Body Green about crow symbolism and its history.

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“Ravens and crows often—but not always—represent death,” he began. There is certainly something to be said about how a group of crows is called a “murder.”

There’s far more to them than just that, though. Compora explained that some cultures viewed them as spiritual messengers, while others thought they had one foot in the physical realm and the other in the metaphysical.

Across Centuries

For example, Compora explained that many Native American tribes view the crow as “messengers between the living and the dead.” However, “sometimes, they are depicted as tricksters.”

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In Norse mythology, there are two famous crows belonging to the god Odin named Huginn and Muninn. He would set them free every day, and they served as his sacred messengers.

However, in various Celtic cultures and mythos, crows (and ravens) are more closely associated with war and death, so their morbid links don’t come from just nowhere.

Meanings For Everyone

What about if you don’t belong to any of these cultures? Do crows still have general meaning in the grand spiritual scheme of things?

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Absolutely! If your personal beliefs don’t already have thoughts regarding crows, they still carry meaning, and seeing them appear frequently in your life could mean they’re trying to tell you something.

There are five common spiritual meanings behind crow presence in your life, so if you keep seeing them time and time again, it might be time to examine one of these options.

Sacred Law

Crows are believed to be upholders of sacred, natural law.

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Cat Rambo, a sacred medicine and dreamwork expert, also spoke to Mind Body Green about sacred law and the crow’s role. “Sacred law is different from man’s law or the law created from religion,” she explained. Continued visits by crows could mean that you need to self-reflect and hone in on your intuition, which can help with figuring out when your own self-imposed rules do not align with that of the natural world.

“[Crows] represent spiritual law, the universal wisdom that the physical world must integrate.”


So, you’ve looked inward and examined the laws you use to govern yourself and decided that they need shifting. Good thing crows are also a symbol of change.

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This change doesn’t have to be related to sacred law, it could be any sort of change that’s been lingering around in the back of your mind.

The concept of change is associated with many birds, as they move with the change of the seasons and fly where the winds carry them, but crows as a harbinger of change often indicate something a bit heavier. Think ‘letting something go’ over ‘welcoming something new.’ It will still be for the best in the long run, but it won’t feel too good in the moment.

Messages From The Spiritual Realm

“Crows are considered an intermediary between this world and the spirit world,” Rambo said, something that’s already made itself evident by looking at past cultures.

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Though these symbolic meanings for crows are divorced from any one culture, having so many pick up on the same element of crows serving as spiritual messengers means there must be some semblance of truth in it, and had likely been a phenomenon for as long as they’ve been around.

Seeing crows frequently could mean that a loved one who’s passed is trying to reach out to you, perhaps about one of the things mentioned above. Regardless, it’s a sign to keep your spiritual pathways open and receptive to messages.

A Clean Home

That’s right, crows are also an animal closely tied with the home, especially the cleanliness of one’s home!

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This is because crows are well known for their neat, protected, well-constructed nests that are built in conjunction with their mate.

Seeing crows frequently can either signify praise from the universe for caring for your home, or it could be a sign that it’s time to clean up. Clearing one’s space is a direct path to clearing one’s mind, so heeding their advice could lead to a purer mind.


Yes, despite my saying that the negative associations with crows are largely unfounded, they do have some real ties to the darker elements of life.

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However, this death isn’t always literal. This ‘death’ could be more similar to the ‘change’ element from earlier, the figurative death of a part of your life so you may welcome something new.

Death is scary at face value, there’s no denying that, but there is plenty of opportunity in death for something new to blossom, it will just take some strength to push through the initial darkness.

What To Remember

So, as you can see, crows carry a number of meanings and can bring many tidings. If you continuously spot crows in your life, or even as significant parts of your dreams, it may be a sign to keep your mind open to spiritual messages that are trying to come your way.

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So, if you’re seeing crows and want to discover the spiritual meaning behind it, exploring the numerology of your birth date can help you uncover the answers you’re seeking. By looking into the personalized science of Numerology, you can gain surprising insight into your personality and find out what messages are being sent to you.

It’s also important to remember that crows are not to be feared. Though the news they bring might not always be the most pleasant, they have an innate connection with the beats of the universe as a whole. Whatever they’re there to tell you is something you need to hear, so welcome their message and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit

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