Do The Five Love Languages Matter? Here Are The Least Compatible

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By now you’ve probably heard or even taken a test to find out which of the five love languages best describes how you need to receive love. The languages range between physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of services. Each language represents a need.

We tend to give love the same way we want to receive it, except that doesn’t work. We each need to feel loved in a way that’s different from how we want to receive it. If we don’t, we risk incompatability.

Quality Time VS Acts Of Service

couple holding hands at dinin groom

Rene Ranish / Unsplash

Rene Ranish / Unsplash

The reason why these languages can often get into conflict is that they both use up time. Acts of service have good intentions.

However, when a partner assumes that cleaning up the whole house and making dinner for their spouse when they get home is loving, it can be really frustrating for their spouse who would be much happier just spending time with them. Instead by the time, they’re done all their acts of service there is no time left to spend quality time together.