Doctor Gets Over $500,000 Of Medical Debt Forgiven For His 200 Cancer Patients

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We keep saying that kindness is all around us because every single one of us truly has the potential to change lives within their means. Thanks to one doctor over 200 Cancer patients are starting off their year debt-free. This doctor single-handedly managed to get rid of $650,000 of his patients’ debt.

He went above and beyond when treating them, even though he didn’t have to, but because he could. The incredible doctor from Arkansas, made the decision to do everything in his powerful to help his patients overcome their medical bills because he cared. Here’s how he made it happen.

Meet Dr. Omar Atiq

close up on doctor's hands texting

National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

Dr. Omar Atiq has been a medical oncologist for nearly 40 years. He’s had many patients come and go but he also saw that their bills didn’t always leave with them. Many couldn’t afford to pay off what they owed even though they had no option but to get treated.

After nearly three decades in business, Dr. Atiq is closing his clinic, but he’s not leaving his patients behind.