Doctors Said Boy With Rare Disorder Would Never Speak Until His Mom Was About To Give Up

The gift of human life is miraculous. Every morning when we wake up, it’s a gift from the universe that we are lucky enough to live to see another day.

Life’s mundane tasks and responsibilities make it easy to lose sight of the fleeting nature of existing on earth. But, this story of a young boy whose doctors predicted would live a short and suffering life will remind you to be grateful for yours.

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Alexander Turner

This is Alexander Turner. He was born mysteriously motionless. When Alexander entered the world, his doctors and parents instantly knew that something was not right.

A young boy smiling with his teeth.
Noah Fallis
Noah Fallis

The baby was born “hypotonic,” oddly still and completely silent. He didn’t scream or cry like most babies, and when he reached his mother’s arms for the first time, he didn’t flinch. As time passed, it seemed that this child was lifeless and hopeless.