Doctors Said Boy With Rare Disorder Would Never Speak Until His Mom Was About To Give Up

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The gift of human life is miraculous. Every morning when we wake up, it’s a gift from the universe that we are lucky enough to live to see another day.

Life’s mundane tasks and responsibilities make it easy to lose sight of the fleeting nature of existing on earth. But, this story of a young boy whose doctors predicted would live a short and suffering life will remind you to be grateful for yours.

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Alexander Turner

This is Alexander Turner. He was born mysteriously motionless. When Alexander entered the world, his doctors and parents instantly knew that something was not right.

A young boy smiling with his teeth.
Noah Fallis
Noah Fallis

The baby was born “hypotonic,” oddly still and completely silent. He didn’t scream or cry like most babies, and when he reached his mother’s arms for the first time, he didn’t flinch. As time passed, it seemed that this child was lifeless and hopeless.

The Beginning Of His Struggle

In the fall of 2009, Chris and Ashley Turner were not prepared for the challenge that their infant would become. At the beginning of his life, he was identified to have an abdominal hernia, a heart murmur, deformed ears, and a distinct V-shaped birthmark.

An adult hand holding a baby hand.
Hu Chen / Unsplash
Hu Chen / Unsplash

Alexander was severely underweight, and while the doctors knew something was off about the child, they could not figure out what. The young parents already had a lot on their plate – a mortgage, a handful of a first child before Alexander. It was starting to feel like their life was crumbling before their eyes.

A Diagnosis

In December that year, Alexander’s doctors finally came to a conclusion. In a small room, they explained to his parents that the child was marked with a genetic syndrome at conception. The condition was Kleefstra syndrome, which meant that Alexander was missing some vital chromosomes.

A stethoscope is held up to a teddy bear's stomach.
Derek Finch / Unsplash
Derek Finch / Unsplash

Ashley and Chris Turner were heartbroken. At a loss for words, their child’s life flashed before this young couple’s eyes. It was suggested that Alexander might be mute and motionless for his entire life, and his parents felt like failures that had been struck with bad karma from the universe.

One-Of-A-Kind Child

Alexander is a special boy, and the battle of his childhood is miraculous. His doctors “believed there were fewer than 100 verified diagnoses worldwide at the time.” He was a one-of-a-kind baby. The child’s fate truly fell into the hands of luck and chance.

A wall at the Doctor's office with tools hanging on it.
Wesley Tingey / Unsplash
Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

His impairment in talking, walking, and learning was a result of one tiny wound that would not stop reproducing itself. His physicians believed that even if the universe gave him a helping hand, he would not grow to live a regular life. But, this child would not take no for an answer …

An Unfortunate Nightmare

The Turner household became a nightmare. His parents used all of their power to appear strong on the outside, knowing they still had an elder child to protect from the fear and negativity. But, the anxiety was too much for them to hide.

A silhouette of a man and woman turning away from each other at sunset.
Eric Ward / Unsplash
Eric Ward / Unsplash

Their four-year-old daughter Sloane was a character of her own: an imaginative, curious, and optimistic child. When she noticed her mother’s playfulness and cheer drifting away, this child became a superhero at her family’s rescue, without even knowing it.

A Sign From The Universe

Thanks to Sloane, Alexander and his family received a sign from the universe to not give up this fight. Somewhere in her tiny heart, this child knew the best form of medicine was laughter. She grabbed her brother from behind, tackling him and squishing his “Mr. Chubby Cheeks.”

A mother holding her laughing son
Noah Fallis
Noah Fallis

The completely still boy, for the first time since conception, let out a smile. He burst into laughter that filled the home with love. At this moment, his parents saw a child that was capable of seeing the world they thought he would never get a chance to see.

Putting Everything On The Line

Alexander’s parents turned their home into a therapy center for the child. With built-in monkey bars, tools, and educational exercises, this family set their heart on giving their son everything he needed to improve.

A baby sitting on a white mat with a bunch of toys laid out.
Yuri Shirota / Unsplash
Yuri Shirota / Unsplash

Debt continued to pile on the parents, but they were willing to put everything on the line for a chance at life for their son. When Alexander started to walk at the late age of 3, the whole neighborhood cheered him on. Still, the Turners were crushed at no sign of vocal development.

Just When They Were About To Lose Hope …

There is always a storm before a rainbow, you can’t have sunshine without a little rain! Just as Alexander’s parents were about to lose all hope, his guardian angels gave him a nudge in the right direction.

A little boy sitting on a wooden bench holding a book and laughing.
Ben White / Unsplash
Ben White / Unsplash

In the car, Ashley tried one final time to get her son to speak. Low and behold, he did! When she said “car”, he repeated it. Then “bar”, then “far”. then “star”. Before her eyes, Ashley witnessed a miracle that would change her family’s fate forever.

Alexander Now

Today, Alexander is a happy and healthy seven-year-old boy who has beat all odds. Not only can he talk and walk, but he can count and draw. The child has entered school at the same grade level as his peers, living with a learning disability but so far advanced for his doctor’s predictions.

A mother holding her young son, smiling at each other.
Noah Fallis
Noah Fallis

His father states that Alexander is a happy child, who loves the grocery store and never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face that meets him. Despite the misfortune that this child entered life with, he is a miracle that proves children’s resilience and magic.

Life Is Precious

Life is fragile. Between illness, stress, and uphill battles of complete bad luck, it can be easy to lose sight of the miracle that life is. The chaos of our daily lives blinds us to how lucky we are to be here on earth, healthy and blessed.

Hands holding a heart-shaped rock with the word hope engraved on it.
Ronak Valobobhai / Unsplash
Ronak Valobobhai / Unsplash

The story of Alexander Turner inspires the rest of us to never lose hope. Life is too precious to not be lived, so it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to let our souls experience it!

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